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Treating Children With Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders can be complicated enough when they’re in adults. Taking care of sleep disorders in children is something that has to be handled with special care. Dr. Ratti Handa, a dentist in Acton, MA, specializes in airway-centered dentistry and has experience in children struggling with sleep disorders. Learn more about treatment for sleep disorders in children.dentist in acton massachusetts

Does My Child Have a Sleep Disorder?

It can be difficult to recognize that a child has a sleep disorder. Many of the signs and symptoms present as other behavioral disorders. Things like ADHD, frequent bed-wetting, night terrors, and insomnia can come with sleep disorders. Other sleep disorder symptoms like snoring, waking up frequently throughout the night, and struggling during the day with staying awake and schoolwork are common.

Dr. Handa can have a consultation with you and your child to determine the issues and help diagnose the sleep disorder. She’ll rely on discussion with you and your child, as well as digital diagnostic testing. This can help her determine exactly what’s wrong and the best course of action for treatment. A customized treatment plan will be designed specifically for your child’s case.

The VIVOS® System

Dr. Handa is certified in using the VIVOS system in her dentistry work. The VIVOS approach is based on science, utilizing an oral appliance to assist with the physiological cause of most sleep disorders. A narrow or blocked airway is usually the problem.

The VIVOS device is designed to remedy this. It helps both the airway and the development of your child’s bite and jaw. The VIVOS system is capable of widening an arch or palate that’s too narrow as your child grows. It helps stabilize it and adjust the jaw and airway to ensure that there aren’t sleep disorder issues in the future.

VIVOS is unique in that it uses the body’s natural growing process to permanently adjust the upper jaw and palate to open up the airway. With other oral appliances, they may have to be worn every night while sleeping — forever. The VIVOS system will be worn for a certain amount of time. It’s needed for as long as it takes to fully adjust the mouth. Once this is done, the device is no longer needed.

The Benefits of Oral Appliance Therapy

One of the best reasons to go with this therapy for your child is that it’s minimally invasive. Oral surgery can be an option for things like this, which carries much more risk. CPAP machines can be difficult for anyone to sleep with, let alone a child. Oral appliance therapy offers a solution that people for comfortable with.

Unlike CPAP machines, it’s also much easier to travel with an oral appliance. It’s much easier for a child to go to a sleepover or friend’s house and bring an appliance. Other methods could be embarrassing for the child to have around people and they may resist them.

Sleep Disorder Treatment From Your Acton, MA Dentist

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