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Sleep Disorders in Children Acton, MA

Sleep and quality sleep specifically is important for all of us and especially for a growing and developing child.

Dr. Ratti Handa is a leading dentist in Acton for the treatment of sleep disorders in children. As a VIVOS® dentist she uses a unique, non-invasive, biomimetic approach that is designed to address underlying structural abnormalities affecting the airway.

Sleep problems can impact many aspects of a child’s development, behavior and daily quality of life.

As scientific studies continue to focus on the effects that poor sleep has on people of all ages, the connections between a growing range of concerns are linked to a sleep disorder. For children, this can range from bedwetting to ADHD.

Does my child have a sleep problem?

Children can present with a sleep problem in very different ways, with many signs also pointing to other concerns and behavioral problems. Dr. Handa welcomes and treats children who have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder or who are suffering from the effects of frequent bedwetting, ADHD, night terrors, and insomnia.

She provides personalized, consultative care for these oral health-related needs and uses advanced techniques and technology to achieve the goals of a healthier, happier child.

Dr. Handa uses the VIVOS system to diagnose the structure and function of your child’s airway. A compromised airway is often the cause of sleep problems and resulting signs and symptoms. She will work with you to understand the overall health history of your child and what challenges they are facing.

sleep disorders in children

Treating sleep disorders in children

Dr. Handa will evaluate your child using digital diagnostics as needed. After a discussion with the parent or caregiver, a treatment plan is created to address symptoms and their underlying cause.

The goal of treatment is to re-establish a healthy airway and enable your child’s oral health and bite to continue to develop normally. Dr. Handa can use the VIVOS oral appliance system to remodel a narrow dental arch or palate and to stabilize it as your child grows. In some cases, the use of orthodontics is recommended for the best outcome.

Sleep Disorders in Children Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two most common sleeping problems for children?

Sleep apnea and insomnia are the two most common sleeping problems for children. Insomnia can make it hard for your child to fall or stay asleep. Insomnia may cause your child to wake up too early and not go back to sleep.  On the other hand, sleep apnea is a disorder that interrupts breathing during sleep. As a result, your child may feel tired during the day. 

How do I know if my child has a sleep disorder?

If your child has regular difficulty sleeping, they may have a sleep disorder. Some signs to look out for are loud snoring, pauses in breathing at night, and bedwetting. Furthermore, you should also watch out for difficulty waking up, daytime sleepiness, or falling asleep during the day. If your child informs you that they have a headache after waking up in the morning, they could have a sleeping disorder. You should bring up sleeping disorders to Dr. Ratti Handa at your next visit.

Can babies have insomnia?

Yes, infants can develop insomnia. If your baby is having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, this is a sign that they could have insomnia. Moreover, sleep talking, night terrors, and waking up too early are more symptoms of insomnia in children. You should maintain consistent sleep routines for your baby to create a more calm and comforting sleep environment. 

Can iron deficiency cause sleep problems in toddlers?

Yes, iron deficiency can potentially contribute to sleep problems in toddlers. The deficiency can lead to significant short-term and long-term changes in sleep patterns. Moreover, common sleep issues seen with iron deficiency are frequent night waking, restless sleep, difficulty falling asleep, and daytime sleepiness. Low ferritin can also indicate iron deficiencies that doctors and medical professionals associate with restless sleep. If your toddler struggles with sleep, talk with your child’s pediatrician.

What sleep disorders do ADHD children have?

Some children with ADHD could have insomnia, delayed sleep phase, and restless legs syndrome. These children may also suffer from sleep-disordered breathing. Furthermore, children with ADHD often deal with sleep issues that make their ADHD symptoms worse.

How do you treat sleep disorders in children?

A pediatrician often wants to identify any underlying cause with a sleep study or order a test. Your pediatrician will likely want to start with behavioral interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I). This therapy helps children learn to fall asleep on their own. Overall, your pediatrician will take a comprehensive approach that addresses any underlying medical, psychological, or behavioral factors.