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The POD® Acton, MA

The POD®, or Preventive Oral Device, is a flat plane occlusal guard used to protect teeth from clenching and grinding for the past 111 years. In 1908, Moritz Karolyi, a Viennese dentist, described bruxism as “traumatic neuralgia” and stated, “It was the cause of a periodontal condition called pyorrhea (periodontitis).” He most likely fabricated the first occlusal guard, and we have used the design ever since. Dr. Ratti Handa provides the POD® to help patients with teeth clenching and grinding in her Acton, MA, office.

The POD Oral Device in Acton, MA

Isn’t It Time for a New Design?

In July 2019, the FDA cleared Advanced Facialdontics’ appliance, the POD®, Preventative Oral Device, using the Unilateral BiteBlock Technology® for Bruxism and TMJ.

The POD® is a custom-fit, laboratory-fabricated intraoral mandibular splint designed to aid in treating clenching grinding (Bruxism) and TMJ. The device protects the teeth, crowns, veneers, and restorations from the destructive forces of Bruxism and will help alleviate headaches, TMJ, and muscle pain.

Unilateral BiteBlock Technology®

By having the dental arches out of contact, there is a reduction of trigeminal innervated muscular activity. This allows for reduced muscle tension and can help alleviate associated jaw pain and headache symptoms. The Unilateral BiteBlock Technology® allows for more room for the tongue, which is free to come forward for better breathing during sleep, as opposed to the flat plane occlusal night guard, which inhibits the tongue from coming forward.

It’s Time To Advance.

Our body has a proprioceptive mechanism that will adjust to the biting forces based on the tooth contact area. The Unilateral BiteBlock Technology® provides a reduced contact area and can reduce the forces that could harm our TMJ. The cranial suture system provides shock absorbers to absorb the biting and tooth grinding force.

The POD® is ideal for assisting with myofunctional therapy to create better tongue posture and breathing. When we place the tongue at the roof of the mouth for swallowing, the tongue moves further out of the airway with the appliance in place. Your body can create better habit patterns over time.

POD Oral Appliance FAQs

Who can wear the POD?

Patients who experience morning headaches, facial tension, and bruxism benefit from wearing the POD. We may also use the POD as a Homeoblock treatment because it contains bite blocks. Patients may wear the POD for two hours daily to help train the tongue to position flat against the palate. This can pressurize the airway so patients can breathe better during sleep.

What is the POD made of?

The POD is made of high-quality materials, including hard acrylic plastic. These materials protect the teeth from the forces of clenching and grinding. 

How do you clean TMJ oral appliances?

There are multiple methods you can use to clean your oral appliance. You can use a soft-bristled brush or denture brush to clean the appliance with dish soap gently. Brush gently in circular motions and use lukewarm water. An alternative is to use a mouthguard soak to remove debris from the appliance. Remember not to use hot water as this can damage the appliance. 

Is the POD a nightguard?

The POD is not a traditional nightguard. Nightguards protect the teeth and can cover the upper or lower arch. The Preventive Oral Device contains blocks that help reposition the tongue to open the airway. While the POD can protect teeth and address TMJ disorders, it can also help prevent problems like sleep apnea.

Is the Preventive Oral Device FDA-approved?

Yes, the POD is FDA-approved, which is effective for patient use. FDA-approved oral devices, including the POD, are safe to use. 

Can I wear the POD if I have restorations?

The POD can protect your natural teeth, dental crowns, porcelain veneers, dental bridges, and dentures. 

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