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What Makes Our Office Different?

Dr. Ratti Handa welcomes patients of all ages to our Acton dental practice. Dr. Handa is dedicated to helping children and adults achieve and enjoy optimal oral health and wellness using an airway-centered approach to dentistry.

From routine cleanings and exams to comprehensive diagnostics and therapies for sleep disorders and the symptoms of TMJ, Dr. Handa offers a unique set of resources and treatments. Dr. Handa is a VIVOS® dentist in Acton and can provide personalized care for the effects of sleep apneas, upper airway resistance syndrome, and TMJ disorders.

Dr. Handa uses her deep listening skills, collaborative communication, and extensive ongoing dental training to create an authentic healing space for her patients. She truly believes that every patient tells a story and sometimes all we have to do is listen to the answers they already hold, to the questions that need answering.

Dr. Handa is a passionate believer in having the uniqueness of the diagnosis and treatment plan fit the patient, instead of fitting the patient in a diagnostic or treatment plan box.

Dentistry in Acton, MA

Complete Dental Care in Acton

Dr. Handa is a highly trained and experienced dentist. Our office provides general, cosmetic and restorative dental services in a personalized manner. Committed to the overall well-being of all patients, Dr. Handa has focused her post-graduate coursework and continuing education on airway centered dentistry. The concepts of Airway Dentistry are incorporated into all aspects of your dental care in our office.

Airway centered dentistry enables our team to treat often complex concerns that can affect the development of young children and disrupt daily life in adult patients. Dr. Handa provides personalized, consultative care for oral health needs that can also improve symptoms such as craniofacial pain, chronic headaches, bedwetting and ADHD in children.

A healthy, comfortable smile will support good dental health. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal oral health, including a healthy airway that facilitates normal deep breathing and quality sleep.

Advanced Technology and Your Dentistry

Dr. Handa has incorporated advanced technology into our Acton dentist to improve your patient experience, treatment planning, and outcomes. From digital diagnostics including an in-office CBCT 3-D scanner to laser dentistry, technology can enhance your dentistry in many ways. Dr. Handa will discuss how various aspects of our technology can be a part of your oral health evaluation and treatment.

The use of 3-D digital scanning can provide an in-depth analysis of your complete dental oral structure. This plays a key role in the airway-centered dentistry approach and provides a foundation for the creation of your unique treatment plan.

Dentistry and Sleep Disorders

It is not common practice as of yet to schedule a consultation with your dentist for addressing concerns related to the quality of your sleep. Although there is a wide range of causes for many of the signs of sleep apnea or a sleep-related disorder, for many patients it can be traced to an airway problem.

The science is quickly evolving that supports treating the structure of the airway for a natural, permanent outcome and the resolution of many symptoms related to sleep disorders.

Dr. Handa is uniquely qualified to work with both children and adults to identify an airway issue that can be the cause of many factors affecting your daily quality of life and well-being. These can include fatigue, headaches, weight problems and behavioral concerns in children.

We offer non-invasive treatments and therapies that can restore a healthy bite, open the airway and help you enjoy the benefits of quality sleep each night.

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Dr. Handa welcomes new patients and also provides second opinions for the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ and sleep disorders. To schedule an appointment please contact us at 978.212.3783 or request one online.