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Dental Services Acton MA

Dr. Ratti Handa can address your oral health needs with experienced and comprehensive dental care. Dr. Handa also applies airway-centered dentistry for complex dental concerns. Dr. Handa places an emphasis on the health and function of the bite and the airway. Many complex dental health problems are often associated with an airway issue, including TMJ and malocclusion.

We welcome you to schedule an appointment to meet your dental health needs or to explore our treatment options for cosmetic concerns, restoring your smile or addressing a possible sleep disorder.

Dr. Handa’s unique approach and personalized care can help you to enjoy not only a healthy and vibrant smile but your best quality of life each day as a result of a good night’s rest and a comfortable bite. We take into consideration all aspects of your oral health and how it relates to your overall well being.

Acton MA dentist provides complete dentistry for all ages

Restoring Your Smile in Acton

Do you have damaged or missing teeth that are affecting your oral health and your confidence?

Dr. Handa offers restorative dental care for repairing and replacing teeth. She also offers advanced dental treatment for bite problems and TMJ disorders that can often lead to tooth damage and other complex problems affecting your oral health. Restorative dental services can be used to manage a range of dental concerns and can include:

Cosmetic Dental Services in Acton

Cosmetic dentistry can boost your smile confidence and improve the overall health and comfort of your smile. Dr. Handa can work with you to enhance the appearance of your smile and address any underlying oral health problems that could be causing a cosmetic concern. Cosmetic dental treatments can also be part of an overall treatment plan for restorative needs or a bite problem.

Could your crooked teeth be contributing to a TMJ disorder? Dr. Handa will take the time to complete a thorough evaluation of all aspects of your smile to support the best possible outcome.

Cosmetic dental treatments can include:

General Dentistry in Acton: maintaining the health of your smile

Our dental care team provides complete dental services for the long term maintenance of a healthy smile. Keeping the teeth and gums healthy and stable is the foundation of lifelong dental health and supports overall physical health and wellness. From routine exams and screenings to tooth fillings and periodontal therapy, we can meet your needs in our Acton dental office with experienced care.

Dr. Handa emphasizes the benefits of optimal oral health and the important role that it plays in helping you to maintain your physical health. Gum disease, lost teeth and bite problems impact more than just your smile. They can lead to a greater risk for other health problems and chronic issues from cardiovascular disease to sleep problems and TMJ disorders.