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Address Your Dental Concerns with Dr. Ratti Handa

Dr. Ratti Handa takes a comprehensive approach to your dental health concerns. She uses the principles of airway-centered dentistry to evaluate not only dental health problems with the teeth and gums but also the function and structure of the bite.

Acton dentist, Dr. Ratti Handa

Dr. Handa provides advanced treatment options for problems affecting all aspects of your oral health including sleep-disordered breathing and TMJ disorders. Our office welcomes and treats children and adults who have concerns regarding airway issues, bite problems and sleep apnea.

Do you have teeth that are worn or damaged?

Teeth that are flat, chipped or becoming increasingly sensitive can signal an underlying bite problem. Dr. Handa will evaluate the function of your bite and jaw joints to determine the most suitable treatment options for lasting results.

Teeth grinding can wear away the enamel of teeth and recurring pressure from teeth grinding and jaw clenching can cause teeth to become chipped or even cracked over time. Addressing the underlying bite problem, realigning the jaw or repositioning the teeth are all common treatment goals.

How is teeth grinding treated? 

Teeth grinding can be treated in a variety of ways, depending on what is causing grinding and its severity. Treatment methods may include a custom mouthguard to protect teeth from damage or stress management techniques. In most cases, we treat teeth grinding by discovering what is causing the grinding and treating the cause. 

Can teeth grinding be prevented? 

Teeth grinding can be prevented by managing stress levels. The most common cause of teeth grinding is stress. Grinding may also be prevented by avoiding stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol as these may increase the potential for grinding. 

Do you have frequent headaches or cluster headaches?

Recurring headaches, especially around the temples can be caused by an airway problem. Dr. Handa provides a comprehensive approach and offers the VIVOS system for diagnosing and treating undiagnosed headaches. An imbalance in the bite as a result of a TMJ disorder, malocclusion or jaw structure abnormality can lead to increased tension and resulting headaches.

Do you snore, feel tired during the day? Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea?

Sleep disorders and upper airway resistance syndrome can cause sleep problems that disrupt your daily life in many ways. Dr. Handa is a leading Acton dentist for the treatment of sleep disorders in children and adults. She offers advanced diagnostics and therapies for the symptoms of a sleep problem or sleep apnea.

Has your child been struggling with ADD or frequent bedwetting?

Dr. Handa uses airway centered dentistry to evaluate and address a range of sleep and behavioral concerns in developing children. As a VIVOS dentist, she uses advanced science and technology to treat structural issues with the airway that are often the cause of these concerns.

This unique approach can offer insight and non-invasive therapies for helping your child resolve symptoms and side effects of sleep-disordered breathing.

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Our Acton dentist office welcomes new patients. Dr. Handa has focused her practice in airway centered dentistry and the treatment of related disorders in patients of all ages. Our approach is holistic in nature, taking into account the patient’s complete health and overall well being. Contact our office at 978.212.3783 or request an appointment online.