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Stepping Into The New Normal

My Dearest Patient Family,

As the seeds planted by my older son, blossom into flowers and baby strawberries, I can’t help but notice the STIRRING in the world as we move through the current phase.

As definitions of another new normal are arising, we know things will be different. As human beings, we have demonstrated a fantastic ability to adapt and be resourceful to all tsunami-like changes that have affected each one of us at some level. As COVID-19 has shown, we are not separate.

Although we are interconnected in our fears, we are also interconnected in love, kindness, and faith. Sometimes it’s unfathomable to understand the concerns in Boston, being echoed 7,120 miles away in my country of origin, India. My mother in New Delhi, India does her daily check-in with all her children in all different time zones. She is unwavering in her daily questions of our social distancing, sanitation, and what we are eating. Yet, she is comforting in her gift of consistent, constant connection.

Inspired by the grace, purpose, and commitment showcased by our health care workers, equally unfathomable is to see the array of tremendous outpourings of unshakable connection through the messages of hope and oneness written in chalk across the local bike path.

“Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it.” – Lt. John B. Putnam Jr.

As we gathered our personal protective equipment (PPE) and COVID-proofed the office, I couldn’t help but relive the same feelings as when I first baby proofed my home. There were a lot of unknowns in being a first-time mother. Yet, I had a conviction of faith in using intuition and a collaboration of resources from generational learning, combined with modern science and technology.

Here is the list of some of the things we are doing at the office to maintain our commitment to our patients’ and staff’s safety:

– Admitting only one patient at a time to the office for your entire length of appointment.
– Hand washing and mouth rinsing instructions as the first step when you arrive in the office.
– Staggering of patients and giving ourselves a buffer of time before and after each patient.
– Contactless thermometer for routine temperature checks in of each patient and staff member.
– Routine Oximeter to check pulse and oxygen saturation levels for patients and team members.
– Routine questions for patients and team.
– Dentvac ( A more significant suction placed in the treatment room to further remove aerosol)
– Air Disinfecting Purifier.
– Surgical scrubs, face shields, and head and shoe coverings for the team members that get changed out in between every patient.
– N 95 masks for team members.
– Extra Sanitizing of doors and handles, countertops, and bathrooms.
– Frequent hand washing and sanitizing.
– Washer and dryer in office, so our scrubs and gowns get washed on site.

What will be different as you book appointments

– Virtual check in before your appointment from the parking lot.
– Asking you to bring your own protective eyewear, headphones, neck wrap and blanket.
– No waiting in our beautiful waiting room! You will be led to your treatment room directly.
– Online appointments and payments.

As we have created more enhanced safety protocols, to keep you as well as ourselves safe from the Covid -19 and other viruses and bacteria, we are also reminding ourselves that a robust immune system starts with a healthy mouth and optimal nasal breathing.
An excellent way to ascertain whether you need to be seen or not in this phase, is to schedule a 15-minute phone call. Together we can decide if you need to come into the office, or have a virtual consult.

Please visit our Virtual Dentistry page to book virtual consults or your routine and emergency appointments through our new scheduling system.

Dr. Ratti Handa