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Oral Appliance Therapy Acton, MA

Dr. Ratti Handa uses custom oral appliances to treat sleep disorders in children and adult patients. As a VIVOS® dentist in Acton, Dr. Handa is highly trained in the incorporation of oral appliance therapy for treating the underlying cause of sleep issues including sleep apnea. Oral appliances can provide the means to address structural issues in both soft tissues and the jaw that compromise the airway.

What is an oral appliance?

Dr. Handa can create a custom oral appliance that will look and fit much like an orthodontic retainer. Made of clear plastic material, each appliance is designed specifically for the individual patient. Dr. Handa may prescribe several different types of oral appliances depending on your needs and symptoms.

DNA Appliance: Using the VIVOS approach, Dr. Handa can create a unique day-night appliance (DNA) that will gently expand the upper jaw and palate to open the airway. This revolutionary treatment is non-invasive and can replace a surgical procedure for many patients. The DNA system is designed to remodel the airway using a biomimetic approach, effectively guiding changes in the oral system using the body’s natural processes for growth.

Patients typically wear this type of appliance 10-12 hours per day, most of which is during sleep.

mRNA Appliance: When expanding the lower jaw is a necessary part of your treatment, Dr. Handa may recommend the mRNA® appliance. In some cases, both appliances are used to correct more severe mandibular abnormalities.

Oral appliance therapy is the key component of the VIVOS system for treating the effects of airway problems such as sleep disorders, chronic facial pain and behavioral issues in children. Dr. Handa provides care that is personalized, taking the time to listen to patients and create a treatment plan that is tailored to their individual needs.

airway therapy results in adults

The benefits of oral appliance therapy

Dr. Handa emphasizes the many benefits that the VIVOS system offers for patients of all ages and the lasting outcomes that are achieved using oral appliances. As an alternative to traditional methods such as the CPAP or even oral surgery, these unique oral appliances are designed to work with your natural physiology to create a healthier airway and improve oral health.

  • Non-invasive treatment: oral appliances avoid the use of invasive treatment that carries additional risks, especially when a surgical procedure is involved.
  • Comfortable, portable treatment: using oral appliances to address airway issues allows treatment to be ongoing and does not interrupt your normal routine in any way.
  • Biomimetic: harnessing your body’s own ability to remodel tissue can offer the most natural and stable results.