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The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

As technology in the dental field keeps advancing, Dr. Ratti Handa and her staff are determined to keep up to date. We want to give you the best, most comfortable care possible. Laser dentistry has become a large part of that. Dr. Handa, an experienced dentist in Acton, MA, discusses laser dentistry and the benefits that it can provide to you and other patients.acton, massachusetts dentist

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry has helped make many procedures that required surgery a lot more simple. Using a focused beam of light energy, laser dentistry creates a reaction with the tissues in your mouth. This means that it can either remove tissue or be able to shape it. Depending on the laser, it can treat soft tissues like gums, hard tissues like teeth, or both.

What is Laser Dentistry Used For?

At the office of Dr. Handa, laser dentistry is mainly used for treating gum disease and inflammation. Instead of using harsh tools to perform scaling and planing procedures, a laser can be substituted.

Scaling and root planing are used to clean out the pockets in your gums. This is where bacteria and other things are collected, leading to inflammation and disease. The laser can also remove the infected gum tissue so that the infection doesn’t spread to more areas of your mouth. Then, healthy new gum tissue can replace where it was infected before.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

While it may not seem like much, laser dentistry has a lot of benefits if you opt for this instead of the normal scaling and root planing treatment. For instance, there’s no need for sutures or anything to help wounds heal. The laser helps to prevent blood loss both during and after treatment. The heat makes it so that it cauterizes as it goes, meaning far less blood loss.

Again, because of the heat and light, the laser sterilizes the tissue as it goes. There’s a much lower risk of new infection or infection spreading during the procedure. Laser dentistry is also beneficial to people that suffer from dental anxiety. Dental anxiety often comes from drills and other tools used by the dentist. The laser is quick and quiet, with virtually no pain while it’s being used.

Since the laser is so gentle, anesthesia often doesn’t have to be used for procedures. For oral surgery, anesthesia is necessary. The laser is also extremely precise. The beam is concentrated, so it’s easy to focus on small, specific parts of the mouth. This gives you less risk of any other tissues being damaged during the procedure.

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Dr. Handa aims to make your dental treatments as quick and easy for you as possible. To experience our laser dentistry technology, call us today or schedule an appointment online!