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The Benefits of Airway Dentistry

The health and proper function of your airway will play a key role in many aspects of your daily quality of life and overall well being. A VIVOS® dentist, Dr. Ratti Handa uses leading-edge therapies to treat airway problems and resolve sleep disorders and other symptoms. Using an airway centered approach to your concerns about the quality of your sleep, she can provide treatment that addresses the underlying cause for a long term result.

airway dentistry for sleep problems in acton, maObstruction of the airway during sleep leads to sleep-disordered breathing, sleep apnea and a range of symptoms that vary between children and adults. This is often the result of a structural abnormality in the airway, jaw joints or the bite which is allowing soft tissues at the back of the throat to collapse into the airway. Dr. Handa works with patients on an individual basis to evaluate how the airway is functioning, the fit of the bite and the structure of the face and jaw. She uses the science-backed therapies of VIVOS, restorative dental treatments, and orthodontics to address these concerns. Changing the oral structure of the jaw is often designed to open a small palate, align the teeth properly and facilitate normal breathing when asleep.

Airway centered dentistry focuses on how the condition of the airway affects many aspects of your health, especially the quality of your sleep. Dr. Handa has helped many patients, including children to restore the quality of their daily life through improved sleep using VIVOS therapies. The benefits of this approach include:

  • Treating the root cause: airway dentistry treats the root cause of complex concerns such a sleep disorder so that the outcome of treatment is a lifetime of better health.
  • Non-invasive treatment: the oral appliance therapies that Dr. Handa incorporates into treating an airway issue is non-surgical and gently remodels the structure of the palate and lower jaw.
  • Comprehensive: airway dentistry offers comprehensive treatment that gives back the ability to breathe normally during sleep, enjoy a more comfortable bite and stabilizes dental health.

Airway dentistry can be highly beneficial for the health of a developing child who is experiencing sleep issues, behavioral problems and frequent bedwetting. These problems are often the sign of an underlying problem with the airway that is disrupting sleep and normal, deep breathing. Dr. Handa provides personalized, consultative care for the treatment of young patients to help them regain their confidence through improved health.

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