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Patients Review an Airway Dentist

Do you have symptoms of sleep apnea? Are your TMJ symptoms impacting the comfort of your bite? We help patients address oral health problems affected by their airways. Dr. Ratti Handa is an airway dentist in Acton, MA who provides thorough examinations and consultations to find and treat oral health problems. Her experience allows her to offer precise care with lasting results. Below, read reviews from patients who have treated their airway problems in Dr. Handa’s office.

Airway dentist in Acton, MA

Airway Dentist Patient Reviews in Acton, MA

“I’m so glad I came to Dr. Handa’s office when I did! After several years of daily headaches, tiredness, facial soreness, ears ringing, and more, I wanted to find a solution. I knew I had issues with my TMJ but had no idea that my symptoms were all connected. Dr. Handa and her team went above and beyond in their personal interest in my case, and I really appreciate how they always explain everything so that I’m comfortable and know what to expect. I’ve been using the C20 appliance for about 5 months and am practically symptom-free now! I’m so grateful to have the relief I’ve been looking for. I’m very excited to move on to my next steps as I continue to work with Dr. Handa and her amazing team.”

-Olivia R.

Dr. Handa and the team are fabulous. Our whole family has been working with Dr. Handa and what stands out to be not only her clinical expertise but also her and her team’s personalized care for her patients. She is truly a blessing. Watching my husband wake up energized and witnessing my kids eating well again is a huge blessing. I highly recommend working with Dr. Handa and her team.

-Padma A.

“I’ve been dealing with neck and shoulder pain for the last 5 years or so. My wife found Dr. Handa after she suspected I had a tongue tie and I reached out to her in search of guidance. She confirmed I had a significant tongue tie that was contributing to my neck and jaw issues. The surgery to correct the tie was relatively painless and has almost erased the neck pain that has been holding me back for years. We are currently working to reverse bad orthodontic work from when I was a kid to improve my breathing and give my newly freed tongue more room.

I sleep better now than I ever had before in my life since my surgery. I feel like I have a new lease on life thanks to Dr. Handa and her team. They have cutting-edge equipment and the best bedside manner I’ve ever experienced. The myofunctional therapy they provide has also improved the use of my tongue and improved my breathing. I recommend Dr. Handa to anyone looking to improve their dental experience. I live 5 hours away in Pennsylvania and come to see her every couple of weeks.

Thank you Dr. Handa for all that you’ve done and continue to do for me.”

-Travis K.

If you have problems like sleep apnea, tongue-tie, or TMJ, call 978.212.3783. You may also request a dental appointment on our website.