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What Are Biorejuvenation Dental Treatments?

Biorejuvenation is a biology-based approach to dentistry. Dr. Ratti Handa uses this method to ensure that patients have a balanced smile to prevent airway problems like sleep apnea. She also ensures that patients have an even bite for the best chewing function possible. Biorejuventation dentistry uses dental treatments that address teeth clenching and grinding, damaged teeth, missing teeth, toothaches, and jaw pain. They can also reduce pressure on the jaw and facial muscles. Here you can discover more about Dr. Handa’s biorejuvenation treatments in her Acton, MA dental practice.

biorejuvenation treatments in Acton, MA

Biorejuvenation Treatments in Acton, MA

The biorejuvenation treatments we offer in-office include:


Clear Invisalign aligners are a great alternative to traditional orthodontics. Crooked teeth create an uneven bite; straightening the smile with Invisalign can prevent problems like TMD. Temporomandibular joint disorders cause tooth wear, jaw pain, and muscle soreness. Invisalign is a comfortable orthodontic treatment that uses clear, removable aligners to gently shift teeth into a more uniform position.

Tooth Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth caps that fully cover single teeth. Crowns benefit patients with damaged or worn teeth who want a stronger and more even bite. A dental crown may also cover a discolored or crooked tooth. Crowns benefit patients who do not require orthodontic treatment but want to create an even bite.

Dental Implants

A single dental implant is a small titanium screw, abutment, and crown. Implants can restore a single missing tooth or secure dental bridges or dentures in place. As one of the most versatile restorations, dental implants ensure that restorations last longer and allow patients to eat the foods they love. Because dental implants replace missing teeth, they create a healthier and more even smile.


Partial or complete dentures can restore rows or entire arches of missing teeth. We recommend implant-secured dentures for a more stable, lasting restoration. Like dental implants, dentures create a fuller, more even smile. Patients with multiple missing teeth are also more prone to dental problems like tooth decay or gum disease. We often recommend implant-secured dentures because they do not slip around the mouth or require adhesives to stay in place.

Oral Appliances

An oral appliance can be used for patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Custom-made oral appliances are similar to mouthguards because they conform to teeth. Patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea can wear an oral appliance to sleep. Oral appliances prevent the soft tissues in the back of the mouth from collapsing. Wearing an oral appliance at night can also prevent heart problems. Patients with sleep apnea are at risk of developing heart disease and other heart problems like heart attacks or strokes.

Rejuvenate Your Smile Today

Do you want to know more about biorejuvenation and how you can get a healthier smile? Request a dental consultation with our dental team on our website. If you are new to our practice, call 978.212.3783. Current patients may call us at 978.635.9995. Let Dr. Handa know if you have further questions for her at your next visit. She will be happy to help.