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How Do Sleep Disorders Affect Children?

Children can develop sleep disorders just as adults can. Underlying problems can lead to poor sleep and airway issues for patients of every age. Dr. Ratti Handa treats children with sleep disorders in Acton, MA. She utilizes airway-centered dentistry to discover how patients connect to their sleep problems. There are a variety of symptoms that patients can have that directly impact their quality of sleep. Dr. Handa works with her patients to find the link between these symptoms and find the right treatment.

Treat Children Sleep Disorders in Acton, Massachusetts

Common Signs of Sleep Disorders in Children

There are a variety of signs that your child may have a sleep disorder:

  • ADHD
  • Snoring
  • Frequent bedwetting
  • Morning sleepiness
  • Night terrors
  • Problems staying asleep at night

Contact Dr. Handa if you have noticed these symptoms in your child. It is better for your child to receive treatment sooner than later to prevent further problems from developing.

Treating Your Child’s Sleep Disorder

Dr. Handa will examine your child’s teeth and will take note of their current symptoms. During a consultation with you and your child, Dr. Handa will explain the treatment process for diagnosing young patients. She will then create a custom treatment plan using an oral appliance or orthodontics.

The VIVOS® oral appliance system helps treat patients who have a narrow or blocked airway. Wearing a custom oral appliance opens up the airway and prevents soft tissues in the back of the mouth from collapsing. Dr. Handa will take dental impressions of your child’s smile to create an oral appliance that they can wear at night.

Some younger patients may benefit from orthodontic treatment. Malocclusion, or a disordered bite, is a risk factor for sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Dr. Handa may recommend braces for your child if they have crooked teeth, a crossbite, overbite, or other bite issues. Creating a properly aligned bite can make sleeping easier for some patients.

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Contact Dr. Handa to help your child receive treatment for their sleep disorder. You can request a dental consultation with Dr. Handa online. If you are a new patient, call 978.212.3783. Current patients can call 978.635.9995.