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Treatment for Child Sleep Disorders Using Airway Dentistry

airway dentist sleep disorders in children acton maAs more and more studies show how important sleep is for child development, it’s clear that parents and health practitioners need to ensure high quality sleep from an early age. More children suffer from sleep disorders than you might realize. Dr. Ratti Handa is a leading Acton, MA airway dentist who welcomes and treats children who have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder or who are suffering from its effects and related conditions.

Why Visit an Airway Dentist for Child Sleep Disorders?

An airway dentist is uniquely qualified to help treat sleep disorders, as they use a system called Vivos dentistry which focuses on treating the underlying problem with the airway using specialized techniques and technology.

Dr. Handa uses the VIVOS system to diagnose the structure and function of your child’s airway. A compromised airway is often the cause of sleep problems and resulting signs and symptoms. She will work with you to understand the overall health history of your child and what challenges they are facing.

Why is Sleep Important?

Children need a lot of sleep to support their developing bodies. Toddlers need between 11-14 hours of sleep every night, and even teens need about 11 hours. Poor sleep quality, or not getting enough sleep, is linked to frequent bedwetting, ADHD, night terrors, and insomnia in children.

Treatment for Sleep Disorders in Children

Dr. Handa designs customized treatment plans for children to encourage healthy development and minimal interference with their daily life. After a thorough discussion with the parent or caregiver and examination, Dr. Handa may recommend the following treatments for child sleep disorders:

  • Oral appliance to gently shape the palate
  • Orthodontics to straighten teeth and support a stable jaw
  • Myofunctional treatment for tongue tie

Visit our Acton, MA dentist office for a comprehensive consultation for your child. Dr. Handa offers a unique approach to sleep disorders in a caring, compassionate environment to set your child up for success for life. Contact us online or call 978.212.3783 today.