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Vivos Dentistry and Sleep Apnea

dentist in acton massachusettsSleep apnea is a common, yet underdiagnosed, problem in the United States. It is estimated that 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea and 80% of those cases are not diagnosed. Dr. Ratti Handa is an Acton, MA Vivos dentist offering sleep apnea treatment to patients dealing with its symptoms.

What Causes Sleep Apnea?

The underlying issue in patients with sleep apnea is a problem with the airway. Certain sleep positions can obstruct the airway as the muscles relax during sleep, restricting airflow to the rest of the body. The sleeper often awakes multiple times overnight gasping for air, wakes up feeling tired, falls asleep during the day, and has issues with memory and concentration. Smoking, diabetes, excess weight, or a large neck circumference are common sleep apnea risk factors.

Vivos Dentistry Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Although there are several sleep apnea risk factors, many patients have problems with their airway due to a misaligned jaw or a narrowed palate and overjet causing crooked teeth. Vivos dentistry focuses on treating the underlying problem with the airway using specialized techniques and technology.

Vivos is a unique system to diagnose and treat sleep problems in children and adults. This oral appliance therapy addresses the physiological cause of most sleep problems so patients can enjoy better sleep and therefore better lives. To treat sleep apnea, Dr. Handa uses Vivos techniques coupled with general dentistry practices to help patients avoid invasive surgery or a CPAP machine.

Vivos Dentist in Acton, MA

Our Acton dentist office treats children and adults and provides consultative dental care using an airway-centered approach. Dr. Handa has advanced training in Airway Dentistry and is a VIVOS® certified dentist in Acton, MA. Schedule your appointment online today or call our office at (978) 212-3783.